I tried following the instructions in the email below to get my free copy of Plain Classes, but got an error message:

Error: This discount is not active.

Error: One or more of the discounts you entered is invalid



On Mon, Jun 20, 2022 at 7:10 PM DPlugins Team <[email protected]> wrote:

Plain Classes Release

Faster and better way to write classes in Oxygen Builder. Experience native code editor class manipulation.

Was this in Oxywind?

Yes. The logic behind decision to detach it was made due to technical restrictions. Plain Classes requires Oxygen patch. This decision made Oxywind patch free plugin.

I bought it with Oxywind can I get it for FREE?

If you purchased Oxywind before Jun 26th 2022, simply do next steps:

  • Login to our shop
  • Click purchase Plain Classes
  • In the checkout page discount code will be automatically applied and you will pay $0 for it.

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2 responses to “Plain Classes”

  1. devusrmk says:

    Please try again. There was some problem with the coupon. It’s working now

  2. Yup, worked this time.
    Thanks for your speedy response

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