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DPlugins Support

Welcome to DPlugins Support Page

The standard response time frame is 48 hours during work days. The time during the weekend is for friends and family.

Even though this is a subdomain of our shop, we sync user accounts, and every login you have there you can use here as well.
If it’s not a plugin bug and you need a solution to do something, please use our Facebook group instead. There the entire community can jump in and help you.

To stop explaining over and over when to share what,
we have made small little one page website to explain it.


To helps us find the problems fast, please be detailed about bugs. Before you report a bug, please check if the bug is already registered or if it’s under FAQ already.

Provide us:

  • Screenshots
  • Login details
  • FTP details
  • Steps to reproduce the bugs

Feature Requests

We are listening to our users and love hearing your ideas.
Please share your taught how we can improve our products. Please share your ideas with the community and us and keep an eye on what is already requested.

The most voted features will be considered if they align with our product’s vision and be moved to ready for development.
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We stand by our 30 days’ money-back policy. Since we don’t have to try out versions, we wanted to highlight this importance and display it on this homepage.

If unsatisfied with our product, you will be refunded when we see the ticket (during working days) without any questions or hard feelings.

Nevertheless, please provide feedback on why you do not want to use it anymore so we can improve it.

Users Plugins Roadmap

This is not an official Roadmap. Plugins are built in a combination of the most requested features + our sweet surprise features. Please help us improve our plugins and experience by creating feature requests and voting on them. Also, be active on your Facebook group and help us and others.