We love your plugins!

However, we learned that your pricing would change last night, and we thought it was for all of your plugins. While we were shopping around 12:30 pm to get as much as we could, and retrieved our credit card. It took us too long, and we missed out on your lifetime price for $50 for your collaboration plugin.

We thought it was a indication not to use Oxygen, but our coder, brother Joey is heartsick. He experienced instability with Oxygen with multiple tabs open when he tried it once last year, which sent us back to Divi, which he hates. I learned too late that this program with your fix was the best platform for our small, struggling, freelanced, family business.

Our clients refuse to pay us monthly hosting fees, as we made handshake agreements with them, and they think that we owe them perpetual updates as well. We just don’t have the regular income stream from our clients to make monthly payments. We even quit or Creative Cloud subscription!

Please…please…please extend your old pricing for the collaboration plugin. Hopefully, with better clients we will be able to purchase all of your plugins, and stick with Oxygen as our coding platform.

Otherwise, Divi it is remains. Poor Joey.

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  1. joshua says:


    you can use this link to access the previous pricing

    Kind regards,

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