SOLVED, at least somewhat. Please see my next ticket for more details.

Just now my second website crashed because of the collaboration plugin. I was able to fix this one. The one yesterday is still messed up. I now deactivated all websites on which I use it.

Is that a known problem?

I didn’t make a screenshot of the error message, but if this is a common problem, please let me know how to fix it. The website which is still messed up is Strangely enough, the website renders ok when I’m logged in. But for anyone who isn’t logged in, it’s not being rendered normally. Please advise


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  1. joshua says:

    Hi, what version do you use?

    If you let me guess, is it version 1.2.0 or earlier?
    There are common issues prior old version of Collaboration, it has a conflict issue with several plugins that use the same dependency with a different version.

    We have pushed a fix for this issue in version 4.0.0-alpha

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