How is it possible to hide some admin menu links for non-admin users (for Editors, Sebscribers, etc…)? Currently, as I can see, that’s not possible, or I can’t find. 

I thought, that’s the main purpose of the plugin, but it seems it hides everything you choose, for all users – even for myself. However, I need to use those admin links, because I am building a Website. I just wish to hide them for client and other users. 

It’s that the purpose of such plugin?  Or I miss some point, some settings?

For now, as it works, it’s almost useless. Because I can’t work without tose links if I hidem them. Ok, I can open that in other tabs, before I hide them, but that’s very non-user friendly. i just can’t believe that it works like that, so I hope I miss something. 

Can you please help with that? Thank you. 

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  1. devusrmk says:

    Plugin is hiding elements for current user that save settings and not per user role.
    We are working on solution to hide per user roles.

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