I bought your Gutenberg block metabox add on for scripts organiser the other day, and I notice now that this has been refunded?

Can you advise why? I know it hasn’t officially been released, but I assumed it wa sopen to purchase and that access to the plugin itself would be added once you have released it.

I received no email or correspondence from you guys regarding this. 


Can someone please advise on what is going on? 

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  1. devusrmk says:

    Hello there,

    You purchased product that is not online yet. I didn’t hide purchase button (my mistake) and since you didn’t got product I didn’t felt good to keep your money until product is released.

    Product price will be the same price you purchased it so you will not loose anything but I will not keep your money and not give you anything.

    • OK, any idea when it will be released? I’ve been following on the fb group but don’t want to miss the initial launch price!


      • devusrmk says:

        Probably in 2 weeks. Releasing on Monday advanced settings for ACF add on and making gutenberg elements gallery.

        It will be posted in the group and will be followed with email as well.

    • Hi, I saw earlier that you were talking about raising the prices of all your plugins due to inflation, and I wanted to reach out and check that I was still guaranteed the cost for the metabox gutenblock addon at the $40 i paid for it previously?

      If you can clarify that would be great, as I would rather have had you keep my original payment and then get the plugin when it comes out than now risk paying more for it down the road.


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