Hi, how can i get a real invoice for my purchase please?


i tried to log in my account, and it didnt worked

i tried to change password, didnt worked


thank you

6 responses to “Where can i get my invoice?”

  1. devusrmk says:

    1. Please click on the download to open your account
    2. Then go to View Downloads for Purchase #522XX
    3. There you can find View Invoice

  2. kolovratok says:

    to which “download” should I click pls?
    As i wrote, i was not even able to log into the account, not able to change password, no email came.
    And i have no emails from dplugins regarding my order, just paypal email.

    • devusrmk says:

      Your account is created based on purchase email.
      If you used paypal please check your paypal email to see if you got email there.

      Otherwise please put email in your credentials box and I will track your account and reset your password manually

  3. kolovratok says:

    my purchase email is [email protected]

  4. kolovratok says:

    thank you, it is working!

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