Hi there,
I was just trying to purchase the scripts organizer plugin before the price hike. But unfortunately my card is getting declined though I’ve used the same card to purchase several plugins from Dplugins.

Could you please look into the issue otherwise I’ll have to pay $75 since the price will rise.
Btw, I’m from Bangladesh and PayPal is not available here so it’s not a option for me.


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5 responses to “Unable to purchase script organizer”

  1. devusrmk says:

    Are you using Firefox (Dev)?
    Can you please try in another browser ( chrome )

  2. badhon86 says:

    I just tried again on Firefox. But declined again.

  3. devusrmk says:

    The card was declined as the transaction requires authentication.

    The customer should try again and authenticate their card when prompted during the transaction. If the card issuer returns this decline code on an authenticated transaction, the customer needs to contact their card issuer for more information.


    This is from the official Stripe payment.
    We are using their service.

    You can contact your bank on Monday and after that you can contact me and I will create you discount to cover that difference.

  4. badhon86 says:

    Strange, I don’t see anything related to authentication or any promt during the transaction.

    I’ve recently purchased Oxywind with the same card. But never asked for authentication nor declined.

    Here is my recent Oxywind purchase invoice id :48350

    Whatever, it’s bad luck for me 🙁


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