Scripts Organizer: Priority

Hey, is it in planning to implement the “priority” (and “hook”) feature? Best regards

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WP Admin Cleaner – Allow User to Select Oxygen Template Without Granting Any Other Oxygen Access

Hi, As the title explains, my main goal is to allow a non-admin-level user (client) to have the ability to select an Oxygen template but give that user no other access to Oxygen. The only control I want to give the client to have is access to the template selection dropbox, nothing else (please see […]

Admin Cleaner

Swiss Knife – enable complete keyboard in Shortcuts-Manager

Hey guys, absolutely love your plugins and i appreciate your work you put into it! Currently, I am still using Hydrogen Pack for my shortcuts in oxygen, only for 2 reasons. The Right click menu, mainly because of the “copy class” function and i can delete elements easily with the “delete-key” on my keyboard. I […]

Swiss Knife

Show variables suggestion

I have defined variables in a SCSS.Partial. Can my defined variables be suggested in a code block? Or do I always have to remember them myself? The workflow is a bit tiring. The variable is defined as: $color-primary: red; But not suggested. 🙁

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Feature request: Suppress admin notices

Suppress/hide messages from plugins with conditions: plugin notice type all notice-error notice-warning notice-success notice-info for user/role

Admin Cleaner

Feature request: add plugin name to admin notice

Identifying the plugin issuing an admin notice is cumbersome, depending on the site and the number of plugins installed. Each plugin giving admin notices should include its name for instant identification. I submit this feature request for Collaboration, but I think this is a general idea for all your plugins. Also, one notice might be […]


Scripts Organizer + WPML

Hello, I cant setup a code block to run in multiple different posts that has been translated to other languages. If my back-end language is English, I can only target english posts. Or if my back-end language is Swedish, I can only target Swedish posts. Thankfully I can target the different post id’s using custom […]

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Wrap lines option and horizontal scrollbar

Hi all, After migrating various code snippets to SCORG, I’ve just realized that there’s no “wrap lines” option. Or am I missing something? Besides, there’s not even an horizontal scrollbar when lines extend beyond browser window edge, so code seems simply inaccessible. It actually is accessible for cursor goes beyond the edge, but I’m not […]

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Collaboration Plugin: Slow Loading Times and Problems with OxyExtras

Hello D-Plugins Team, I recognized that the collaboration plugin has problems with the OxyExtras Pro Accordion Component. There are long loading times and sometimes saving isn’t possible anymore. After deactivating the sync plugin, everything is working normal. I hope you can look into that issue Greetings Marc


Script Title in Web Browser

I think it would be helpful to have the script name at the front of the tab name in the browser. I am often working in a couple at a time and it would be helpful to reference the name without clicking through. I’ve attached a screenshot.

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