What’s this?

Hi – is Plain Classes free for existing users? I get this coupon code automatically at checkout and even if I try to remove it, it comes back again. But it does not work. Thanks, Harry


Tailwind plugin

Hi, My business partner just bought this plugin and although I love all things Oxy, this is just something I do not require. Please forgive the refund request, I have other plugins created by yourselves. Transaction ID6NS14968NL0622047 Transaction date27 Jun 2022 14:29:40 BST [email protected] Instructions to sellerYou haven’t entered any instructions. Invoice ID4bdc3af5a7134e390f04fae12c2dee7  


Plain Classes discount not working

Hi, I bought Plain Classes OxyWind long before June 26, but when I log-in on DPlugins website the discount code throws an error. What can I do to solve this ? Thanks !


Plain classes can’t checkout

Hi, I saw that I needed to get plain classes for Oxywind before the 26th June a day too late (today is the 27th). I don’t mind paying the $10 (I am late) but the site won’t let me check out as it keeps applying the discount code and I get an error. Tried on […]


Plain Classes update

Hi,I wanted to get Plain Classes as a free upgrade (oxywind), but the mailed approach didn’t work. (PLAINISFASTER – 100% doesn’t work) I bought Oxwind on March 30th Payment: 47697 Payment Status: Complete Payment Method: PayPal Date: March 30, 2022  


Swiss Knife – CSS editor bug

Hi, I am using:WP 6.0Oxygen 4.0.1Swiss Knife 4.0.0Plain Classes 1.0.7 When using “Advanced Settings tabs on the left side” there are actually 2 different Css Tabs.The CSS Tab from Swiss Knife is not saving my code, when clicking “Advanced->Custom CSS”, the code is saved correctly. The Frontend only shows CSS code applied in “Advanced->Custom CSS”. Please […]

Swiss Knife

No confirmation emails after regstration and purchase

Hey there, i’ve purchased “Plain Classes” a few days ago and “WP Admin Cleaner” today but did not get any confirmation email. I can not login to download the plugins because the password reset mails are not sent.

Admin Cleaner

Can’t download Plain Classes plugin

Hello I just purchased OxyWind and I’m trying to start using it.I can’t add any tailwind classes.  It says Wakaloka Oxywind: Wakaloka Plain Classes plugin is not detected. I was trying to get that plugin too but I can’t make the purchase.The Coupon code PLAINISFASTER is automatically added to the purchase but, when I try […]


Refund Oxywind

Hi, I buy Oxywind and i refund it. I decide to move all my sites to Oxygen builder but i don’t want to have anything with Softly anymore. And after all this crap with Oxygen builder and Breakdance or whatever name is, i decide to move to Bricks Builder. Please refund my Oxywind payment and […]


Plain Classes – Help / Feature Request

Hi, is it possible to use the autocomplete function in Plain Classes with a custom CSS File? I usually have all my code in a custom WordPress plugin, my css as well.  Can I add a filter and then extract the css classes from my styles.css?   Thanks, Daniel