Scripts Organiser Issue

Hi I’m getting issues with logging into¬† a website which appears to be coming from scripts organiser, the site is using the latest edition. Here is a typivcal line from the site’s log (which I hope I have successfully attached to this message in full). [Mon May 30 21:15:18 2022] [error] [client] PHP […]

Scripts Organizer

Scripts Organizer Bug / Code Blocks Admin List

When accessing the Code Blocks list in Scripts Organizer, I have adjusted the number of posts to be displayed on the page (higher than the default – in my case – have it set to 30). If I refresh the page and the browser window is shorter (to where not all Code Blocks are visible), […]

Scripts Organizer

Cant get settings to save

Hey, I’ve been flushing cache deactivating plugins, you name it, I just cannot get Swiss Knife to save my settings. Any ideas please? Tried scanning your group by it seems the only advice is to clear cache. Tried using PHP 7.4 and 8. Thanks in advance.

Swiss Knife

can not login

Hi   I can not login with . Could you check for me?   Thanks

Admin Cleaner

Copy Paste

Hi Marko! Is there a chance to use swiss knife copypaste in the similar way OxyExtras using hydrogen? Because swiss copy doesn’t seem to have any simple data and you were able to trigger paste functionality only in oxygen builder (witch iis some crazy magic ;D). But if I want to copy element and “paste” […]

Swiss Knife

metabox custom table

Hi, I try to add a custom table into my WordPress installation (cloudways, mariadb) with OxygenBuilder. I also tried to add custom fields via the metabox generator (I know, I have metabox AIO, so I can do it via admin). No luck so far. Where / how do I add these lines of code to […]

Scripts Organizer

dPlugins DevKit 1.2.2 always deletes my user!

I am using dPlugins DevKit 1.2.2 and EVERYTIME I do a reset on my website, it deletes my user and I wind up having to completely delete and re-install wordpress.  Is there some reason for this? Thanks. Mike Murphy


Refund Script Organizer

Hi, Can you please, give me a refund of Script Organizer or give me Sandbox and Oxywind instead. I will pay any remaining outstanding. Thank you. Eirik

Scripts Organizer

Asura compatibility with Oxywind

Hi team,   I’m looking to use asura and oxywind on the same project. Currently running the oxygen 4 beta 2 patched with oxywind when trying to activate asura it triggers a wordpress fatal error. I’m assuming much of this is because I’m playing with pre-release software. But I wanted to just confirm with the […]


WP Admin Cleaner does NOT work with squirrly seo

Squirrly seo premium Menu item is not hidden

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