Asura link isn’t valid

This is on your Asura page: I’m interested in knowing if Asura allows sale and distribution of complete site templates — Oxygen template(s), pages, related/required plugins with or without pre-configuration…so reading about it would be helpful before purchase David Work [email protected]


Reg: Sync Gets Failed after 2-3 hours

Dear Team, I have activated the dplugin as per the documentation. I have created the necessary API keys from as instructed. I used to have 2-4 people work on the same user login on a website. When everyone starts, the Sync button turns green and all the classes and styles are getting synced. But […]


Broken topbar

Hi, as mentioned here, I have some problem with the topbar.

Swiss Knife

Notice: Undefined index: ct_builder in /wp-content/plugins/swiss-knife/admin/admin__features_settings.php on line 708

hi guys, I have switched debug log for and have just noticed and error related to your plugin Swiss Knife. Please can you have a look and check if there is any underlying issue?   Notice: Undefined index: ct_builder in /home/ on line 708   Many thanks Daz

Swiss Knife

collaboration breaks mobile menu in editor

Hi, I’m having issues with Collaborative causing my mobile menu to appear in the Oxygen editor.