CC Not working

The Credit Card Input Box is not working on your website when I attempt to order. Firefox Developer.


SCORG 3.3.1 + Oxygen 4 Beta 2 + MetaBox 5.6.3 + MetaBox AIO 1.15.8

Hi, I have an issue when I try to edit a code block containing Javascript. (screen capture SCORG-01.jpg). It returns me a critical error and proposes me to enable Safe Mode (screen capture SCORG-02.jpg). So, I did but WordPress returns me an error as well as soon as I try to edit the code block. […]

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Oxywind and Oxymade

Hi, I’m using Oxymade on some websites and I’m wondering if this is compatible with it? I’m also wondering how these classes are stored? Are they stored as Oxygen selectors or as totally separate CSS?


Oxywinds Installation

It appears that Oxywinds only works with Oxygen >4.0. I have a message about patching my purchase, because the latest release is 3.9. Please confirm, if this is the correct understanding.



Just a quick question. So in using the plugin last night, I shut off the edit locking with Hydrogen pack because I was not able to A. Open “home” in oxygen and B. Open “home” on the backend of WordPress. With edit locking, no matter what I did, I could not get rid of the […]


“Plugins Donation” – Question about DevKit

Hi D-Plugins Team, When you give a donation for DevKit, should that show up in your list with Admin Cleaner etc?  There is a note on the page for DevKit that the price goes up as more features are added. Thanks, David


Example how to add functions.php

Hi there, Could you please show me an example of how to add a piece of code whch normally would reside in the functions.php file Like adding image extension: add_image_size( ‘slider_image’, 480, 300, true ); Jasper

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Aether Collaboration

Hello, do I need Aether for the collaboration plugin because Aether was not installed automatically when I installed the collaboration plugin? It is shown a little differently in the video … Thank you!


Can not update my plugin

Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorised.     Don’t panic! Log into our shop Find the “Manage Sites” option for the plugin you have problems At the bottom of the list, you will find form where to past website URL   After this please try again and you will see “Updated!” notification This bug is […]


After transferring the website Custom Fonts are not displayed

For better performance we are generating CSS file. File is static and it’s much better than to pull out form database on every page load. That also mean that when you transfer the website to another domain CSS file will still pointing to old location. Solution: Swiss Knife Font Manager and press save. CSS will […]

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