2 responses to “SwissKnife 2.0.2 builder load”

  1. devusrmk says:

    loading spinner is not centered on screen:
    – It is in Oxygen 3.9, 3.8 have problem as oxygen icon is not centered. It’s just small so you don’t notice it

    loading spinner is a bit too much design vise 😉:
    – Will be option soon to disable it if you want

    Swiss knife for sure does not have 1439 requests.
    Please share website login so we can investigate it.

    • tilkooo says:

      Thank you for the reply… As to the number of requests that are loaded when SwissKnife is active I confirm that this is not the case after another test run. 589 requests this time.
      To be honest, when testing it (multiple times before reporting the ticket) everything seemed wrong, must have been some unrelated issue.

      As to the other points, great! 🙂

      Br, Tilen

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