Hello Marko, 

I have plan to buy additional plugins and these are: Swiss Knife Pro + Scripts Organizer, and I already have several of them from you. After that, I will have almost all your plugins 😉

In fact, I bought Oxy Font manager some time ago, but if I buy Swiss Knife Pro I won’t need Oxy Font manager anymore, as it is already implemented into Swiss Knife Pro (or I am wrong?). I mean, Swiss Knife Pro already have Font manager. 

So, I am curious if I can get some discount for those additional ones (Swiss Knife Pro + Scripts Organizer) I plan to buy. I would very appreciate that (we are neighbour countries, and you know we don’t have shiny economy standard 🙂

Also, If Oxy Font manager is already implemented into Swiss Knife Pro, in that case, I would appreaciate if you delete my Oxy Font manager licence, and deduct the price for it, from the new “combo” (Swiss Knife Pro + Scripts Organizer) I plan to buy. 

Please, let me know your decision. 

Thank you very much, in any case. 

All the best!

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  1. devusrmk says:

    Hello there, thanks for purchasing Oxy Font Manager. I can offer you an upgrade by disabling OXM licence and giving you a discount on Swiss Knife.

    Type your email (in website credentials) area that you are using on dplugins.com website so its visible only to me and not to the public

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