Getting the following error message when I open up an Oxygen template:

ReferenceError: Mousetrap is not defined on line #1 in

I’m able to close the message and work, but I’m not able to see my work in progress on my OxyExtras MegaMenu. I have to save and go to a Frontend page.

3 responses to “Swiss Knife 4 Mousetrap error”

  1. devusrmk says:

    Please activate shortcuts:

    Swiss Knife Features > Utilities > Keyboard Shortcuts

  2. hmt3design says:

    That worked. But I turned them off because I was inadvertently adding elements without meaning to. (I also turned them off in Hydrogen Pack).

    • devusrmk says:

      insert class feature requires the same script. Keep it on and unselect all the shortcuts if you do not want them.

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