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WPDevdesign Snippet & Script Organizer

so I am trying a nice snippet from wpdevdesign and it does not work, strange i thought and read it all over again, tried it one more time no joy, then out of desperation I installed Code Snippets.

Code Snippets works with both code snippets out of the box

ScriptOrganizer, works when I run snippet 1 in Script organizer and Snippet 2 in Code Snippets, I can also run both in Code Snippets but NOT in Script Organizer ……. 🙁

Maybe I am doing something wrong, I am sure you guys can enlighten me 🙂

here the link :

Just did another tut – same problem Code Snippets out of the box fine – Script Organizer no joy ->

One response to “WPDevdesign Snippet & Script Organizer”

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    For some codes, you have to wrap your code in plugins_loaded hook then they will work. We are releasing an option for “Everywhere” code blocks in which you can add the snippets by wrapping them in plugins_loaded hook easily.

    Muhammad Osama