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Update does not accept license key

Hi there,

long time user here;)

Great plugin but one thing that kinda never worked for me was the update through dashboard, I always upload the plugin again and again.

Any way / ideas to fix this?

Below website ist just an example, it happens on all my installs


2 responses to “Update does not accept license key”

  1. support Avatar

    Can you please check and confirm if the website are in the manage sites list on dplugins dashboard?

    1. Login to dplugins websites.
    2. go to “DOWNLOADS” from menu (top right)
    3. then click on MANAGE SITES against the SWISS KNIFE PRO plugin
    4. There you have a list of sites that are whitelisted to allow updates, if your required website is not there, then please add them via AUTHORIZE/ADD site form below the list.
    5. Then please reply here, what is the response…

  2. Christian Dian Avatar
    Christian Dian

    That worked, thanks. I know now why it did not work: I cloned a blueprint install for new sites hence those were not whitelisted