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Tailwind cache file error

I have generated a css rule in the base css file
section > div {
@apply container mx-auto;
So that the direct descendent divs of the section apply the indicated classes, in the tailwind playground it works fine, and in Winden with the uncached version it works fine, but when it is cached it stops working. I have tried other alternative selectors “section > .brxe-div” or “section > div.brxe-div” and it doesn’t work in any case. Is there any limitation when generating the cache? The same thing has happened to me with similar cases, I would like to know how to proceed or solve these small inconveniences

One response to “Tailwind cache file error”

  1. support Avatar

    You can add it via TAILWIND SAFELIST configuration. Safelisting Tailwind Config

    Here is a Tailwind PLAYGROUND.