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Swiss Knife deactivated automatically when oxygen updates are available

Recently, Swiss Knife is automatically deactivated on sites where oxygen updates are available. This results in scripts and font manager CSS not being added to the pages. Activating SK and purging all caches fixes the problem. However, as the deactivation happens without any prior notice, the deactivation (and hence the messed up pages) may remain undetected for days if not actively scanned for.

Of course, oxygen update availability may just be an coincidence, but it happend on all sites with swiss knife running oxygen 4.2 when oxygen 4.3 was rolled out, and it now happened again on sites running oxygen 4.3 when oxygen 4.4 was rolled out.

Would be great if you could either fix it as soon as possible or at least manage to notify the site admin about the deactivation.

One response to “Swiss Knife deactivated automatically when oxygen updates are available”

  1. support Avatar

    I’m not able to reproduce this bug on localhost or even live website. Can you please provide you admin credentials and FTP access to see what happened to you ?