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Swiss Knife (Bricks)

Hello! While on stacks using ACSS and “Frames” – If a new template is imported (top right of builder) and the search field is used, the builder goes solid white/blank and needs a force refresh. Upon Swiss Knife deactivation, this issue goes away. It appears to be some type of conflict with either native Bricks theme importing, or Frames.

Hope this helps!

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3 responses to “Swiss Knife (Bricks)”

  1. support Avatar

    Can you please provide the admin details of the site or make a staging site?

    You can create a bricks try sandbox with all the needed plugins, or INSTAWP instance.

    You can provide these details via going to MY BUGS > *YOUR BUG REPORT NAME* > EDIT BUG

    Note : Don’t put admin details in comments.

  2. Anthony Richter Avatar
    Anthony Richter

    Hello! I added this into the original ticket. Currently the plugin is deactivated, feel free to activate and test under the login info I passed over. Let me know when you’re done so I can reset some things.

    – Anthony

    1. support Avatar

      Reproduced at first time, then I disable the multi-select feature, and tested fine. Then re-enable the multi-select and it is still fine now.

      You are on Siteground, have you tried the bug fix from the BRICKS itself ?

      Please reply here after you test.

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