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script organizer seems to destroy bricks builder

Good morning i have some code blocks that i did with script organizer that they don’t work with bricks builder.

They seems that they destroy the backend of the bricks builder and also the backend of the wordpress.

They usually work, so suddenly i don’t know why this happends.

I add these code blocks to bricks builder with shortcode but they don’t work at all.

Here the page where i added the shortcode from SO




2 responses to “script organizer seems to destroy bricks builder”

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    I have fixed the issues in your code blocks and the settings that you had which were causing this issue.

    1 – One of your code block was set to “PHP” as well, but as you are placing code using shortcode so that should not be cheked, that’s why the admin was not looking fine.

    2 – You had registered the scripts in scripts manager and then you were enqueueing them using shortcode, That is not the right way because in that case the footer script file was loading before the gsap library. What I did is in scripts manager I changed the gsap libraries to “enqueue” and turned off their loading in code blocks. Also in “features” where “Scripts Priority” is there, you need to set less priority to “Frontend Enqueue Scripts”

    Now all is working fine.

    Muhammad Osama

    1. Davide Tesoriero Avatar
      Davide Tesoriero

      Thanks…now t works 😉