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Content becomes uneditable after initial Sandbox session

Description & Screen recording

  1. Create session
  2. Edit page in Oxygen
  3. Edits appear on front end
  4. Leave editor for wp-admin
  5. Go to  edit the same page in Oxygen (using same session).
  6. Content area and Structure panel are blank in Oxygen
  7. Panic


  • The edits still show on the front end when in the session.
  • The live site does not show the edits which is correct.

Things I’ve tried

  • Toggling the session on/off does not change this behavior.
  • Clearing cookies does not change this behavior.
  • I have not found a way to restore the session to make it editable. This would be my priority.
  • Disabling sandbox will allow me to edit the same page in Oxygen using the original (live) version.

The site is for a regulated entity. I cannot give you access.

8 responses to “Content becomes uneditable after initial Sandbox session”

  1. support Avatar

    Is this issue coming after the Oxygen 4.6 update or with Oxygen 4.5 also ?

    If you want to try Oxygen 4.5 here is a backup version of it :

    Let us know the admin details of the website via going to MY BUGS > *YOUR BUG REPORT NAME* > EDIT BUG

    Note : Don’t put admin details in comments.

  2. Chris Haff Avatar
    Chris Haff

    As a matter of fact it first happened with 4.5 yesterday. I updated the server to 4.6 this morning. Same behavior on both.

    I did just try creating a new session and that worked. I was able to edit a copy of the live site. I’ll report if that session breaks.

    I switch sessions to the previous one and it’s still empty in Oxygen.

  3. Chris Haff Avatar
    Chris Haff

    Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with time. Sorry, red herring. Check this out:

    1. Create new session
    2. Edit Page in oxy
    3. Replace a background image
    4. Save
    5. Review on front end (changes appear)
    6. Exit to WP Admin
    7. Click on Edit with Oxygen immediately.
    8. Content area blank.

  4. Chris Haff Avatar
    Chris Haff

    As I said in the ticket: “The site is for a regulated entity. I cannot give you access.”

    If you really need it I can set up another server and clone the site there.

  5. Chris Haff Avatar
    Chris Haff

    Just used this on a virgin install and the issue is not present.

    I’ll set up a clone and will send that along early next week.

    My guess now is that it may be related to page complexity? We shall see…

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Chris Haff Avatar
    Chris Haff

    I’ve edited the description above to incorporate some of the findings noted in the comments.

    I’ve set up a clone of the site. The info for this in the above updates. Feel free to do whatever you need to this site. The user dplugins is an Admin.

  7. josua Avatar


    I have tried replicating the step on the staging site you provided, and the JSON saved to the database is not processed correctly.

    Some characters should be escaped, but it’s not escaped, which resulting not valid JSON.

    This could be an effect after Oxygen uses JSON as a format instead wordpress shortcode to store the design data.

    I didn’t plan to do a fix in the near time and if you are still eligible for the refund policy, you can send a request to do the refund.

    Kind regards,

  8. Chris Haff Avatar
    Chris Haff

    Thanks for looking into it. Too bad, it’s a nice idea. I’ll request a refund.

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