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Oxygen “insert data” button not working with Swiss Knife enabled

I have installed and enable swiss knife pro (theme “without theme”),
but the Oxygen “insert data” button is not working.
If I disable Swiss Knife, the button works again.



Note : Link (Removed Temporary Access Login url by @support due to security.)


2 responses to “Oxygen “insert data” button not working with Swiss Knife enabled”

  1. Niccolò Angeli Avatar
    Niccolò Angeli

    I found the issue.
    This plugin is overlaying a notification on the button so it’s not clickable anymore.
    I will deactivate it, no problem. But keep in mind there si a conflict here and this plugin is pretty popular.


  2. support Avatar

    Marked as resolved, it is a plugin conflict confirmed by author that has been noted down for future.