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Missing css styles for Gutenberg ACF Blocks

All CSS from ACF Blocks dissapeared.

Of course when I make changes to CSS they will apear again.

It’s doing from time to time. Now problem exists, so I don’t want to fix it, because it will repeat again.



4 responses to “Missing css styles for Gutenberg ACF Blocks”

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    Please explain your problem a little bit more, which CSS is getting disappeared and if you could share a screen recording, that would help in understanding the issue better.

    Muhammad Osama

  2. Jacek Zawistowski Avatar
    Jacek Zawistowski

    All CSS generated from Script Organizer and it’s ACF addon disapear from time to time.

    Now it’s ok.

    Yesterday problem occur.

    When problem occur, CSS styles on frontend and backend disapear and they are not loading.

    Will back to this bug when problem occur again.

    1. support Avatar

      As you didn’t get back to this, I hope the issue is solved. We will close this ticket in 48 hours. If you still having this problem please reply within 48 hours otherwise you can create a new ticket about the same later also.

      1. Jacek Zawistowski Avatar
        Jacek Zawistowski

        Problem exists from time to time, will back again to this issue.