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Font hero not working

Hello I just got Font hero recently and I have the 2,0 on the site at
Site has Bricks installed.

I have the font Mangueira loaded in Font hero and the font selected in the Bricks theme settings but when I look at it on front end Roboto is loaded not the font I want.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Here’s login info:
User: dplugins
Password: dplugins2023


6 responses to “Font hero not working”

  1. support Avatar

    The user you created is not admin, we need admin access to check the issue.

    1. Kevin Evans Avatar
      Kevin Evans

      Sorry about that. I switched it to admin

  2. support Avatar

    You have set the THEME STYLE only attached to Post Type Artworks
    Screenshot :

    It is already working as you have set. Check on below post.

    Note : It will not work anywhere else except ARTWORK post type as your condition, if you need to apply it all over the website, then you need to remove the condition in Bricks Theme Settings.

    1. Kevin Evans Avatar
      Kevin Evans

      Ah thank you. The conditions must’ve have changed somehow on my end as I had it set to whole site at one point. Lol.
      Thanks again

    2. Kevin Evans Avatar
      Kevin Evans

      Quick question….does the plugin have the ability to bring in Adobe Fonts like it does google, using Adobe’s api key?


  3. support Avatar

    There is a new version ready and in testing stage.

    Adobe fonts not supported till now, but it is on our roadmap. It will be integrated in future version. No ETA.

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