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Error: Undefined array key “hex” at line # 581

Hey guys, I was just working on a site and now I’m getting the following error.

Your website is broken due to an error in:/home/bricksscratch/public_html/wp-content/plugins/scripts-organizer/scripts-organizer.php

Error: Undefined array key “hex” at line # 581

I disabled all code blocks, completely removed Scripts Organiser, and reinstalled it. As soon as I activate it, I get this error.  All Code blocks are disabled.

6 responses to “Error: Undefined array key “hex” at line # 581”

  1. Alan Blair Avatar
    Alan Blair

    I just found the issue.

    I’m working on a Bricks Theme palette that uses RAW values. Colors are defined in CSS.

    So line 581 is failing because there is no ‘hex’ key.

  2. support Avatar

    RESOLVED via user himself because it is a conflict of usage not a bug from Scripts Organizer.

  3. Alan Blair Avatar
    Alan Blair

    No, you do need a fix.

    I used a workaround in Bricks to resolve the issue.

    In Bricks, if you create a color swatch using the RAW value only, Bricks does not add a ‘hex’ index to the color array.

    To stop Scripts Organiser from erroring, I have to assign a HEX color to the swatches before I set the RAW value.

    1. support Avatar

      We re-opened the ticket. But we are unable to reproduce the problem. Can you provide admin access to the site where you are having the problem.

      And please let us know which version of BRICKS, SCRIPTS ORGANIZER are you using?

      You can provide admin access via going to MY BUGS > *YOUR BUG REPORT NAME* > EDIT BUG

      Note : Don’t put the admin details in comments.

  4. support Avatar

    You didn’t reply since 21st March 2023.

    Please reply within 48 hours with your admin details by editing the ticket again, don’t put the admin details in comments.

    And please let me know the steps to create the bug, as I can’t replicate the bug on our testing website.

    1. support Avatar

      As didn’t get any response, We are closing this ticket as RESOLVED. You can open a new ticket with all the required steps to produce the bug if you want support.

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