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Critical Error with Oxygen 3.9

Hey there,

after activating the Collaboration Plugin (V1.2) and installing the licence I want to open an Oxygen Site. Before the loader loads the site, the message “A critial error occoured” is displaying – after deactivating the plugin Oxygen is working fine again.

I also have OxyExtras installed. Please give me feedback if you need Login credentials, then I can make you a staging site. Would be great if you can help me out with that.

Thank you!

2 responses to “Critical Error with Oxygen 3.9”

  1. Cindy Kögel Avatar
    Cindy Kögel

    Any update on this?
    Waiting for more than a week for a reply

    1. devusrmk Avatar

      Did you tried to update oxygen to latest version. As it’s hard to keep with backwards compatibility as they are changing a lot