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Can’t deacitvate and avitvate license after moving from stage

I made a copy from my page using a Wpvivid stage and installed Font Hero there then I pushed to live site… now I can’t get update. I can’t deactivate the license, and even deleting the site under manage sites doesn’t work.

Hence, I am stuck and can’t set my license and can’t receive updates.

Please advise.



2 responses to “Can’t deacitvate and avitvate license after moving from stage”

  1. support Avatar

    This is a usual thing when you do cloning or migrating, you need login to and go to the specific plugin MANAGE SITES, then enter the url of cloned/migrated site. This will get you updates again.

    If you want to force remove the license, then you need to remove the key from database (phpMyAdmin) from cPanel. Otherwise you can provide access of your website where you have this problem via going to MY BUGS > *YOUR BUG REPORT NAME* > EDIT BUG

    Note : Don’t put admin details in comments.

  2. Max Ziebell Avatar
    Max Ziebell

    I added my site now and hope it will work. Maybe 2.0.2 can fix the broken deactivation button.

    Best regards

    Also, there are some small visual issues like the downloads links being in a separate list than the license keys. I think having this all-in-one list could be beneficial.

    Another small detail, the CSS for margins seems to be broken here:

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