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ACF Gutenberg block now accessible in block editor


Created a test ACF Gutenberg block following the video in the docs and wasn’t able to see it in the Gutenberg block editor on the page.

Noticed this error on the ‘error log’ on the block.


Your website is broken due to an error in:/mnt/BLOCKSTORAGE/home/–gutenberg-acf/includes/scorg-ga-post.php

Error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/mnt/BLOCKSTORAGE/home/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’) at line # 1118


Many thanks,

2 responses to “ACF Gutenberg block now accessible in block editor”

  1. support Avatar

    You were having an older version of ACF Pro installed v5.x.x

    As of now, SCORG ACF Gutenberg Addon requires and works well with ACF Pro v6.x and above. I’ve updated it and now it is showing in the add+ panel in gutenberg.

    Note : ACF Pro is already included within SCORG ACF Gutenberg Addon if you don’t install it yourself.

  2. Theo Louca Avatar
    Theo Louca

    Thank you for the plugin and your support.

    All the best,

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