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7000 Tailwind CSS classes not added

Hey Team,

I just purchased the Winden Plugin and I’m trying to load the 7000 tailwind CSS classes into Bricks Builder.

I can’t seem to get the auto-complete classes to load nor the ability to see all the classes for easy search and select.

Can you help?



3 responses to “7000 Tailwind CSS classes not added”

  1. devusrmk Avatar

    1. Click Winden > Settings > General tab
    2. Enable Autocomplete
    3. Generate autocomlete
    4. Winden > Settings > General tab > Bricks Integration > Register to Bricks’ Global Classes Index

  2. Greg Karelitz Avatar
    Greg Karelitz

    Should they be visible in the editor?

    I have to manually add the classes to the bricks editor still.

  3. Marko Krstić Avatar

    Hello Grag. If you followed the steps the classes should be visible inside editor.

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