Hello, as the title says.

I am unable to save my settings in Swiss Knife the “Save Changes” Button keeps loading and wont save any settings.

Best Regards


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  1. cmsexpertss says:

    Hi Omar,

    Please clear your cache and then check, this is the most common issue that people face and after cache clear everything works. The link you provided is not allowing me to login. But hopefully clearing cache will solve the issue for you.

    Muhammad Osama

    • ixoyedesignstudio says:

      I am currently going through this as well and I have cleared my cache multiple times and it did not fix the problem at all. I even deactivated the plugin and reactivated it. The last I just did was delete it and reinstall it and still nothing. But when I set my keyboard shortcuts, that saved just fine, it’s just the features settings that stay on saving change loading.

      Here is a loom video I recorded of the issue – https://www.loom.com/share/0a4e7c594ec747118643f92243e10649

  2. Hey Muhammad,

    sorry i had tried fixing it myself, sadly without any success.
    I have setup all my Websites on my own root-server, running docker and traefik as a reverse proxy. So all my websites have the same settings.
    This site is freshly setup, still it is the same issue.
    On all other sites it works without any problem.

    Here is the login link:


    Best Regards

  3. Could you please check again, you should be logged in automatically.

  4. If its not working:


  5. Haha anything you have changed :D?
    I am sitting here since 4 hours trying to figure this out.. holy moly

  6. cmsexpertss says:

    No, I didn’t changed anything because can’t make any change in just 2 minutes 😀 I told you its some cache issue on your end.

  7. Well yea i suppose i was the chrome cache..

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