This is my 3rd time attempting to use Scripts Organizer over the years since I purchased it.

When I load a PHP script in a Code Block.

It works.

But I get an error in the Oxygen editor, “Error occurred while loading SVG icons”.

Please advise.

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  1. cmsexpertss says:


    Thank you for contacting us.

    I was looking into your issue and suddenly the login stopped working. It seems that you deleted the user.

    Please provide access so I can check the issue.

    Muhammad Osama

  2. hue says:

    i didn’t delete the user.

  3. hue says:

    i can still see the user

    Role Posts
    Select dplugins-support dplugins-support
    Edit | Delete | View | Send password reset
    dplugins support [email protected] Administrator

  4. hue says:

    see bug – edit homepage template

    • cmsexpertss says:


      I checked the code block and set it to “Conditions” and now error is not coming. The reason behind it is some action hooks need to be fired on correct actions, when you set code block to run “everywhere” then some hooks get called early whereas they need to be called a little late. The “conditions” code blocks are getting called on “wp” action hook which is more suitable for “pre_get_posts” type of hooks.

      Muhammad Osama

  5. hue says:

    Ok, how would I call the 2 scripts

    ACSS Gutenberg Support
    Gutenberg & Oxygen Integration Styles

    in the adminstration area only? (Used in Gutenberg)

    I enabled it, and get the same error?

    • cmsexpertss says:


      You have used “Admin Only” but the hooks you are using are “wp_head” which is for front-end if you want to only target admin then you should use “admin_head”.

      Muhammad Osama

  6. hue says:

    I tried it, still the same. Why is it harder on Dplugins than Advanced Scripts?

  7. hue says:

    There are two scripts in the set.These two are not my code but from community members.

    They demonstrated to use it with the general code snipplets plugins. I use Advanced Scripts on these. I have no issues w/ Advanced Scripts.

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