When accessing the Code Blocks list in Scripts Organizer, I have adjusted the number of posts to be displayed on the page (higher than the default – in my case – have it set to 30). If I refresh the page and the browser window is shorter (to where not all Code Blocks are visible), all Code Blocks that are below the fold are not clickable (if you scroll down to them).  If you adjust the browser height and refresh the page, the Code Blocks that were previously not clickable are now clickable.  So it appears that only Code Blocks that appear within the initial view height of the browser are available to access.

3 responses to “Scripts Organizer Bug / Code Blocks Admin List”

  1. cmsexpertss says:


    Thank you for contacting us.

    Are you talking about top bar “Code Blocks” menu?

    Muhammad Osama

  2. devusrmk says:

    Reproduced it. Will be included in next release

  3. devusrmk says:


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