today i started a project in the theme Avada and Scripts Organizer. I can use Scripts Manager but yhis is not visible in the code blocks. If i switch to a another theme is everthing working. Do you have experience with the Avada theme or how I could solve this problem, detect the cause, …?

I made In Scripts Organizer a script: snap_svg.
If i go to Code Blocks: gradient_01 and activate the Scripts Manager is there no selectable Enque Script to find.

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  1. cmsexpertss says:


    Thank you for contacting us. Can you please provide FTP access of your site also? As I was debugging and site is not working now as I added “exit” in code.

    Muhammad Osama

  2. devusrmk says:

    Done. 3.1.2 Release. Also that css is updated on your plugin as well

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