Hi, I have an issue when I try to edit a code block containing Javascript. (screen capture SCORG-01.jpg).

It returns me a critical error and proposes me to enable Safe Mode (screen capture SCORG-02.jpg).
So, I did but WordPress returns me an error as well as soon as I try to edit the code block. (screen capture SCORG-03.jpg).

Weirdly, if I deactivate Metabox and Metabox AIO, (screen capture SCORG-04.jpg), I can edit the Code block (screen capture SCORG-05.jpg).

My website is in private view but I can open it to you if you are able to provide me your IP address to whitelist it.

Thank you for your advice and support.

WordPress version 5.9.3
Theme : Oxygen Bare Minumum Theme (version 1.0)
Extensions : SCORG 3.3.1 + Oxygen 4 Beta 2 + MetaBox 5.6.3 + MetaBox AIO 1.15.8
PHP version 7.4.29

Website credentials

4 responses to “SCORG 3.3.1 + Oxygen 4 Beta 2 + MetaBox 5.6.3 + MetaBox AIO 1.15.8”

  1. cmsexpertss says:


    I have already replied on your other ticket, please check that.

    Muhammad Osama

    • Hi Muhammad and thank you to have had a look. To comment the line solved the issue. Do you still need I create credentials for you? .
      Let me know.
      Fred from France

      • cmsexpertss says:

        Hi Fred,

        Great to know that your issues is resolved.

        No need for the credentials as we had already noted this error and fixed it. We are going to release the fix very soon.

        Muhammad Osama

  2. cmsexpertss says:


    Hotfix is please go to this file plugins/scripts-organizer/scripts-organizer.php and comment this line require_once SCORG_DIR . ‘includes/scorg-post.php’;

    We will release the fix soon.

    Muhammad Osama

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