Hi firstly i wanted to report an issue i have not been able to get any help with.

i have an install of sandbox and whenever i send the preview link to a client the link only shows the live website.

i have also had this error a few times with sandbox and wanted to find out if this plugin is still being tested as keep experiencing issues with it but have not seen anything regarding sandbox.


I have had to uninstall sandbox from the site it was unable to access the frontend & the back end

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  1. joshua says:


    Regarding the preview link, when the client clicks the link, it will redirect to the homepage and save an “Access token” on their browser.
    So, you still need to provide them with the actual link of the page you want to show to your client after they click the preview link.

    If you face an error, please provide us with an error log to help us to figure out the issue.

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