Dear Team,

I have activated the dplugin as per the documentation. I have created the necessary API keys from as instructed.

I used to have 2-4 people work on the same user login on a website.

When everyone starts, the Sync button turns green and all the classes and styles are getting synced.

But after 2 hours of time, the sync indicator color changes to Yellow and never turns to Green. When i checked the API’s usage in, it is also within the limit.

You can check here:

Can you please let me know why this sync is not happening after some time?

Required Logins:

Login: accent_building

Password: M^wNL1AIUk#au2bnvy

Login: [email protected]

Password: priya1.1




One response to “Reg: Sync Gets Failed after 2-3 hours”

  1. joshua says:


    Could you check your browser console if there are any errors happened?
    Please provide us the copy/screenshot of the browser console to check it futhure

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