I was initially a bit ticked off about the marketing behind ‘Scripts Organizer – ACF Gutenberg Addon’ as it seemed to me to be something that should have been handled under ‘More features coming soon’.  I ended up purchasing it, more in support of your group than actually having a use for it.  These More features coming soon had better be very good,  🙂

When I look at my account I’ve got two of the Scripts Organizer – ACF Gutenberg Addon with two keys.  I’ve got one active where I had a look at the plugin on a local server, the one with the key of —————————–be4ef9902ec12e.  My Paypal only shows the one transaction on my end, if you end up with twice the funds please refund the one with the key —————————–2041c8e73

I don’t think you will, but I will keep an eye on my account once Paypal takes the amount owed out of it and if it’s more than the $40.00 USD I’ll let you know.

Maybe you could remove the second Scripts Organizer – ACF Gutenberg Addon from my account as well,  thanks

p.s. no need to reply to the first paragraph as it’s more of an observation than a complaint.

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  1. devusrmk says:

    Hello Dan,

    Regarding first paragraph we do plan to unlock more Gutenberg options but we wanted to start with basics so we don’t overwhelm users and so we can educate them on the way as plugin is progressing.
    Interested to know from your point of why what is missing?

    Regarding double licences not sure what happened there but they are created with single purchase. You can see it by purchase ID
    Will remove one so you have cleaner view of your licences.

    Also removing licences from your text so they are not publicly visible

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