I’m having a problem adding a script (supplied by a 3rd party) to the <head> tag of a website using Scripts Organizer.

Our client has asked us to add a career portal (3rd party supplier) with the following scripts but we are unable to get it work.

This script we have been asked to add to the <head> tag (and also the <body> tag which this element seems to be working correctly) but we can’t seem to get it to appear on the website or correctly when viewing the page source:

Code to be added to <head> tag (this is the element we are having an issue with):

<script src=https://cezanneondemand.intervieweb.it/integration/announces_js.php?&h=400&w=800&lang=en&utype=0&k=1408e0edd8768dfa3e838b0059df4899&LAC=beck-pollitzer&d=beck-pollitzer.com&view=list&defgroup=name&gnavenable=1&desc=1&typeView=small&CodP=&separateP= type="text/javascript"></script>

Code to be added to <body> tag (appearing correctly in page source – this is added directly into the WordPress page so Scripts Organizer is not used for this element):

<div id="inrecruiting_announces"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
fontFamily: "Open Sans",
bgColor: "FFFFFF",
bgRowVacancy: "FDFDFD",
separatoColor: "AAAAAA",
filterColor: "494444",
filterActiveColor: "42B2E5",
jobTitleColor: "494444",
jobTitleActiveColor: "42B2E5",
jobDescColor: "888888",
jobInfoColor: "494444",

I have added the script as shown at the top into a code block using ‘Script Location: Header’ to appear in the <head> tag and isolated to an individual page ‘Test Page’ by selecting it within ‘Select Page/Post’ – the code is appearing in the <head> tag but in the page source it is wrapped with a second <script> tag as per below and wondering whether this is causing problem of the career portal note appearing?

<script><script src=https://cezanneondemand.intervieweb.it/integration/announces_js.php?&h=400&w=800&lang=en&utype=0&k=1408e0edd8768dfa3e838b0059df4899&LAC=beck-pollitzer&d=beck-pollitzer.com&view=list&defgroup=name&gnavenable=1&desc=1&typeView=small&CodP=&separateP= type="text/javascript"></script>

Here is a video to demonstrate what has been done within Scripts Organizer and the page source code:


I tried removing the <script> tag from within Scripts Organizer code block (Javascript) to see is this would remove the additional <script> as mentioned above but this just made the ‘src’ appearing outside the <script> bracket as per below:

<script>src=https://cezanneondemand.intervieweb.it/integration/announces_js.php?&h=400&w=800&lang=en&utype=0&k=1408e0edd8768dfa3e838b0059df4899&LAC=beck-pollitzer&d=beck-pollitzer.com&view=list&defgroup=name&gnavenable=1&desc=1&typeView=small&CodP=&separateP= type="text/javascript">

Here is a video to demonstrate what has been done above with Scripts Organizer and the page source code:


If you could please help to let me know if there is anything I am not doing correctly and how to rectify this that would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks 🙂


3 responses to “Problem with Script not appearing in tag correctly”

  1. cmsexpertss says:


    Thank you for contacting us.

    Regarding your issue, its because you have set the script to “javascript” that’s why there is

  2. akcreation says:

    Thank you for coming back.

    What should the script be set as for this to work, please?


  3. akcreation says:

    Hi – I’ve had no response to my last question.

    Could you let me know what the script should be set as please to work?

    Many thanks

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