Hello Dear Dplugins Team.

I’ve almost had all the dplugins deals except Oxywind and Gutenberg Addons.

It’s so pity I missed the oxywind deal, when I saw it, it’s 1 week later when the deal is already over, I want to send an email on that time but hesitate to find an email on footer.

Is it possible to still keep the price $40 or provide a coupon for oxywind, so I can checkout oxywind and gutenberg addon together.


Your Dplugin Fans.



One response to “Presale question: Scripts Organizer Gutenberg Addons and Oxywind”

  1. devusrmk says:

    Sorry we can not do that as doing it for one we will need to do for almost everyone. That we will be swamped with emails why someone needs to get discount.

    Thats why we have strict deadlines.

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