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hello, excuse the dsturbo, I’m interested in the “Swiss Knife Pro” plugin, but I have a couple of questions, I tried to look in the FAQ and on the facebook group, but quickly I could not find anything direct.

1) I wanted to understand if when I use your plugin, together with oxygen builder, your plugin becomes a part that can no longer be removed.

If a possible removal after creating a complete template creates display problems or other, so if you use it you must then leave it installed.

I would like to understand if I can use it to simplify my life on some websites, but without leaving them your plugin as a “gift”.
So my idea would be that once the development is finished, I uninstall it, without compromising what I have created with it.

And if I eventually reinstall it for new big changes, it will recover the settings and the visualizations of the current template.

2) given all the functions that the “pro” has if I leave it installed for life on the site, is there a risk that it visibly affects the “frontend” performance or does the performance remain similar to the classic oxygen builder?

thank you in advance for your possible answer, and sorry for the bad english

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  1. devusrmk says:

    You can delete it after you have build the website if you didn’t:

    1. used custom fonts ( still there is a workaround for this ) paste generated css into oxygen stylesheet or use oxy font manager
    2. you registered custom css or js with Swiss knife

    Swiss Knife does not have any impact on front end. Everything is wordpress admin or better say after visual builder started in wordpress backend

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