Hi there. can you please help? my  Asura license is not working also my dPlugins Sandbox download is not showing. when I click on it it say “Sorry, trouble retrieving payment receipt.” can you please fix right way Thanks.

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  1. devusrmk says:

    Asura licence works just perfectly fine

  2. devusrmk says:

    For the invoice I have updated Website credentials field. Please follow that link to open the invoice.

  3. abednuno says:

    Please see my video, so you can see what the problem is.


  4. abednuno says:

    come one guys fix this please 🙁

  5. abednuno says:

    Guys, what is hell. Please fix this now. 🙁

  6. abednuno says:

    please fix this now

  7. abednuno says:

    How long will I have to wait for you guys to fix my problem? Today is the 10 day

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