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Hello Marko/Joshua,

I just bought Bricks and was checking out the Winden Alpha on the Dplugins site and saw that Plain Classes function is now a separate plugin and is offered for free for Oxywind purchases before 26 June. I haven’t used Oxywind on any of my oxygen sites so I wasn’t even aware of this plugin until I was looking into Bricks +Winden and if classes can be shown as a group.

The instructions on Plain Classes Release | dplugins.com 



If you purchased Oxywind before Jun 26th 2022, simply do next steps:

  1. Login to our shop

  2. Click purchase Plain Classes

  3. In the checkout page discount code will be automatically applied and you will pay $0 for it.

When I go to the checkout cart the price still stays at $10. Is that correct?!? I didn’t want to enter my card details and get charged accidentally.

My Oxywind purchase ID = 47321

Date of purchase: March 29, 2022

Let me know if you need anymore info. 

Many thanks,


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    Please put your email inside website credentials and I will add it manually

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