Hi my name is Jan,

I was developing a site locally, but found the cached tailwind too slow to test as it is not fully JIT yet. So I turned off the Enable Worker toggle.

After I was done with the site development I turned back on the Enable Worker and got the following errors upon pressing the Re-generate cache

  • dPlugins Oxywind: Worker: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5009 milliseconds with 0 bytes received
  • dPlugins Oxywind: Failed to compile using the worker.
  • dPlugins Oxywind: No CSS generated

Also whenever the Settings tab is saved. Both the “Global CSS” and the “Configuration” tabs get emptied loosing all the data.
This occurs on every save from the “Settings” tab.

Any way to resolve this issue?


Thanks in advance,

Jan P.

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4 responses to “Oxywind 4.0.4 Error on Re-regenerate Cache.”

  1. janpark says:

    Please help is there any other way to contact support?

    • joshua says:

      Hello, the saving issue in the Settings tab has been addressed. The fix will include in the next version update.

      For the worker issue, it seems there is an issue on the network, we will investigate it

  2. janpark says:

    Hello! any updates with the worker issue?

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