I have purchased and am using the Oxy Font Manager plugin. Now I have recently deactivated the Google Fonts in the Oxygen Builder settings because I have uploaded my own font locally with your plugin.

However, in the source code I still find various information about the Google connection.

Do I have a thinking error or are Google Fonts still uploaded by other plugins? Somehow something is wrong and in Germany there is just stress when using Google Fonts. I have it set up in Consent Banner but that is a gray area.

I’m creating a WooCommerce store (use the fonts here via the WooCommerce Builder Oxygen), tutor LMS (here I can select in the Oxygen Builder but the self-hosted font. This I have also done!


Do you know how to help me?

Best regards,

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  1. devusrmk says:

    Hello I can see google analytics and tag manager. But I don’t see anything about fonts.

    Can you point me to the right direction where you see it.

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