Hi there!

I just bought the Sandbox plugin a few days ago and wanted to activate that today. But I can’t find any license. Also, no account was created for me to log into as far as I can see. 

It seems to be that your website is a mess! 

I tried asking for a password reset for the email I would use for purchasing. That means an account must exist on that email address. 

A password reset email was sent, but nothing was received. 

I then tried to register a new account on the same email, and that was possible, which should mean that NO account existed on this email before. 

Then when I log in, I can see a bunch of tickets and refund requests from a list of other people. Shouldn‘t account tickets be a personal thing? (Adding a screenshot)

If this mess also is reflected in how you make your plugins, there‘s not much trust in the products. 

Anyway, please send over the license code for the plugin. 


Website credentials

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  1. devusrmk says:

    Send you new password on FB Messenger

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