I wonder if you can help.

I’m fairly new to SASS but I wonder if this is possible.

I’m not sure if you have heard about Automatic CSS (ACSS) but it’s a framework that has exploded within the Oxygen community and now turned its attention to Brisk Builder.  

ACSS has a number of premade classes which makes it easier to build a page. Trouble is that it doesn’t allow for the BEM naming for Classeses. 

So my question is it possible to @import/ @use the ACSS style sheet and create classes from @Mixin or @extend. Looking at the SASS website it maybe best to use @extend but if you think different, please let me know. 

The style sheet for ACSS is located /wp-content/uploads/automatic-css/automatic.css

Are you able to help please.

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  1. devusrmk says:

    You can just copy entire css, disable plugin and include it as partial?

    Does that help?

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