I hope you will receive this as some constructive feedback.

I like the editor itself a lot. The access to the hooks and other code completion is great.

Where I struggle with it is how the UI is designed when selecting what type file I want to create.  I would prefer if the file type was selected on the left window.  It’s not intuitive as to how to get to creating say a JS file as opposed to a CSS.  I have to select one use case on the left to expose the file types in the editor.  I would prefer a combination of buttons all on the left – all in one location.

Also, I have to go back to the list of blocks, enable the block in order to delete it.  That also seem un-intuitive.

Please consider putting all parameters and setting in one place on the left?  I guess over all I would favor not having to go so many places in and out of the organizer to get various things done.

Again, I hope you will take this as constructive user feedback.

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  1. cmsexpertss says:


    Thank you for your feedback. I am putting it in feature requests and we will consider it in future.

    Muhammad Osama

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