A while back, I sent the message below to Marko. He wanted me to open a ticket so my feature requests can be tracked. To clarify, the requests are 1. being able to change php scripts location and 2. syncing changed php files with the database.

Thanks for letting me test the Scripts Organizer plugin together with the WP Cerber plugin.

Actually, the php scripts can run even though “Disable PHP in uploads” is set in WP Cerber. Maybe because the php files are included from the plugin’s folder, or it’s just something that happens because it’s running on a LiteSpeed web server.

When I run the Site Integrity scanner in WP Cerber it complains about that Executable code found in Uploads folder. Of course it complains about plugin files that it doesn’t know about as well, but those checks are easier to bypass.

I also did a quick test to control where the php files are located and it seems to be a very easy feature to implement. I just changed the Scripts Organizer code to check if the SCORG_UPLOADS_DIR constant is set before setting it and then set the constant in wp-config.php instead, using a custom path. Seemed to work just fine.

I found some bugs where I guess one is related to the web server config. I pasted in a lot of php code copied from https://github.com/erusev/parsedown/blob/master/Parsedown.php and when I went back and forth between normal and focus edit mode I ended up missing (couldn’t see) the last few lines of code. The one related to web server is when I attempted to publish the code snippet I got http error 403 forbidden.

Another feature I’m looking for, except being able to control where the php snippet files are located, is a kind of “two-way sync”. Or rather, if I modify the php files outside of the Script Organizer plugin I want the changes to be reflected in SO. I’ve actually been contemplating to create an add-on to the (free) Code Snippets plugin to get this functionality, but had my hopes up that SO would take care of it so I don’t have to code it myself.

Please let me know what you think about my feature requests. Also, if you could sort out the 403 error on the web server I’d be able to run some further tests with SO.

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